Some words about us

We are assistant in information society. On any field of business, a successful company depends on customer’s satisfaction and their reactions to company’s product. With Chiroro – a computer service company, we are supporter for customer’s successful on using our product. Take a footstep backward to reach the goal in further, we decide to stand behind our customer, to work behind the scene.

We are proudly established by a Japanese company who follows strictly a Japanese famous and traditional precept in commercial industry “Sanpou-Yoshi”. The word ‘Sanpou’, which was used by a superior merchant at Edo time (1603-1868), includes seller, customer and society; while ‘Yoshi’ is the same meaning to ‘good’.

With this valuable business concept, our goal is to bring the best thing to our customer in Viet Nam. Therefore, Mr.KYUMA ANDO (Chiroro-Net’s president in Japan) decided to establish the Chiroro-Net Viet company with 100% investment from Chiroro-Net Japan.

business majors

  • Data center service
  •   – Shared hosting service
  •   – Dedicated hosting service
  •   – Cloud service
  • Website service
  •   – Design
  •   – Coding
  • System development service
  •   – Design
  •   – Programming
  •   – Maintenance